LSA Ambassador Program

What is the Ambassador Program?
Louisiana Society of Anesthesiologists Ambassador Program
December 7, 2015

Purpose:  The purpose of the Louisiana Society of Anesthesiologists Ambassador (LSAA) Program is to improve bilateral communication between the LSA Board of Directors and the members of the LSA.

Qualifications:  Ambassadors must be ABA Board Certified (or in process) Physician Anesthesiologists who are licensed to practice medicine in the State of Louisiana.  LSAAs must be members in good standing of the ASA and the LSA and participate in LSA PAC and ASAPAC.

Job Description:  LSAAs shall assist the Board of Directors in promoting the mission of the LSA.  LSAAs shall promote membership in ASA, LSA, ASAPAC and LSA PAC to physician anesthesiologists in their group and area.  LSAAs will be assigned members who they will communicate and work with on various LSA projects including legislative advocacy, public relations initiatives, member education and promoting involvement in the LSA and its activities.

Term:  The term of LSAAs shall be 2 years.  There are no term limits.

Appointment:  The LSA President shall appoint LSAAs after approval of the LSA Board of Directors.

Number of LSAAs:  The number of LSA members shall determine the number of LSAAs required.  Ideally there should be one ambassador per every 15 – 20 LSA members.  These numbers may increase depending on need.  The current distribution of members suggests the following ambassador distribution and numbers:
Shreveport/Bossier City – 4
Alexandria – 1
Northshore – 1
Baton Rouge – 3
New Orleans metro – 6
Lafayette/Opelousas – 2
Lake Charles – 1
Monroe/Ruston – 1
Houma/Thibodaux – 1

Conflict of interest:  LSAAs must disclose any conflicts of interests in discharging their duties