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PRESENTATION #9 Clinical Research | Pain Medicine


Carmel Alemayehu, BS, Ochsner Health; Reena John, MD, Ochsner Health; Manjunath Shetty, MD, Ochsner Health; Darby Larson, BS, Ochsner Health; Yashar Eshraghi, MD, Ochsner Health

Presenter: Carmel Alemayehu, BS
Ochsner Health System

Vertebral compression fractures (VCFs), the most common fragility fractures, will typically occur with minimal to no trauma in osteoporotic patients and severe trauma in other patients. VCFs with <50% loss of vertebral height are considered stable and have historically been treated non-surgically. Previous studies have revealed compelling data to support balloon kyphoplasty (BKP) as a treatment for VCFs, citing immediate pain relief, improved mobility, and decreased long-term morbidity and mortality. Further investigation is warranted to identify which groups of patients benefit most from treatment with cement augmentation.

This is a retrospective chart review that follows the long-term outcomes of VCFs treated with BKP between January 2017 and March 2019 within a single health institution (Ochsner). We have queried patient charts for the following data: comorbidities, demographics, cause of fracture, chronicity of fracture, complexity/severity of fracture, pre/post-treatment pain scores (numeric pain rating scale), pain disability index (PDI) scores, and opioid use (via MED).

178 patients who met criteria were included in analysis. Results of entire cohort include pre-treatment average pain score of 7.54, PDI of 40.35, and MED of 28.53. Post-treatment at approximately 3-months results include average pain score of 4.96, PDI of 27.09, and MED of 22.54. Post-treatment at approximately 6-months results included average pain score of 5.28, PDI of 26.65, and MED of 16.99.

Further analysis will be conducted to evaluate patients in differing demographics as well as these cohorts:

– With or without Osteoporosis

– Cause of fracture (traumatic, non-traumatic)

– Chronicity (acute, subacute, chronic)

– Fracture severity per vertebral fracture grade.

There is a general downward trend in PDI and opioid usage of patients who underwent BKP; pain scores fluctuated more. Further analysis of smaller cohorts within this larger group will potentially yield results showing which factors caused greater fluctuation in pre-/post-treatment scores.