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“When you are sound asleep, my mind is wide awake”

Dr. Julie G. Broussard is a Physician Anesthesiologist and medical director of Anesthesiology for the Ochsner Lafayette General System in Acadiana. She began her career as a licensed pharmacist before pursuing a medical degree, and then specialized in the field of anesthesiology. Dr. Broussard has been board certified for nearly 15 years, and has been awarded the highest distinction in her society as a Fellow of the American Society of Anesthesiologists. This week we celebrate all physician anesthesiologists and Dr. Broussard tells us why she is made for this moment.

“Because of our years of education, training and experience, anesthesiologists were uniquely situated to help lead the efforts to coordinate care for critical Covid-19 patients.  This role was definitely needed when so many of our nation’s intensive care units were filled to capacity.  During the beginning of pandemic, I served my hospital and community by creating novel processes and protocols in a situation that no one had never encountered before.  My goal was to ensure that each patient would get the individualized care they deserved, during a time when all types of resources were scarce.  As anesthesiologists, we always have a plan, and a backup plan, and a backup to the backup plan.  It was this type of thinking that was needed to prepare for the unpredictable surge of patients during different waves of this Crisis.  As a physician anesthesiologist, I have detail-oriented, critical thinking skills as well as the ability to quickly adjust and try something different when necessary; I truly believe I was made for this moment.”

Julie Broussard RPh, MD FASA
Ochsner Lafayette General