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Effective advocacy requires an integrated approach:  lobbying, grassroots engagement, public relations AND political campaign contributions.

LSA-PAC—LSA’s political action fund—allows LSA the ability to support candidates and/or elected officials who understand and champion critical anesthesiologist issues, and it is clear that LSA’s voice is growing in strength in the Capitol and with policymakers. But that underscores the importance of members ‘continued support.

We have a strong team of advocates in Baton Rouge who are working to protect LSA’s policy priorities and advance our political goals.

Through these battles and others, it is crucial that LSA has strong relationships with influential policy-makers. LSA’s advocacy efforts include delivering facts, earning trust, and telling our patients’ stories, but it is not enough. LSA-PAC is essential to our political engagement as well.

It is important we have 100% participation from all LSA leaders and members.

With your help, we can ensure LSA-PAC resources are at the level needed to be effective as we start looking immediately ahead to the next round of strategic political and policy decisions.